Co and Extra-Curricular Activities

Co and extra- curricular activities are organized in the school throughout the year with the aim of enhancing the personality and individual skills of the children. It is our endeavour to involve every child in these activities for all round development.


We have regular Inter- House Competitions in cricket, football, basketball, and athletics. Children from our School have excelled in Taekwondo and badminton, where we have had children representing the state and country in various national and international tournaments &have emerged as champions.

Cultural Activities

 We provide quality education with English as the medium of instruction, but at the same time ensure that the children are firmly fixed to their rots. Our cultural activities focus on this aspect. We follow our motto- “BhrataroManavahaSarve”to the letter, and not only celebrate with great enthusiasm and gusto festivals of all religious, but also share their message with the children, encouraging them to have respect and reverence for all religious. We thus send our children out into the world with a completely global and secular outlook. If we spray colour during Holi, we also have Santa Claus distributing chocolates and cakes during Christmas; if we light up Diyas during Diwali, we also have “Siwai” during Eid.

All our cultural activities reflect India’s diverse culture, where we lay emphasis on Indian music and dances. Various competitions and programmes are held throughout the year, our Endeavour being to see to it that every child gets a chance to be on the stage.

General Activities

All activities organized in the School focus on moral values and the all-round development of the personality. Throughout the year we have debates, quizzes, plays, elocution, presentations, creative writing, public speaking, Special workshops and career counseling programmes are organized.

We believe that a healthy mind and body are equally important, and so we have various meditation and yoga sessions. We regularly have our children being a part of the YES!Programme under the aegis of The Art of Living Foundation. In addition children are taken for regular picnics and outings to enhance their learning

We have spacious classrooms, well-equipped Science &Computer labs smartclasses, a library.


The School has-teachers and –support staff, which work as a family-“one for all and all for one” We follow the belief that a happy teacher makes a happy child. All care is taken to see that the staff is well looked after, and that they are always joyous, and spread that joy among the children.

Special meditation is held at regular intervals; all teachers are made to do the Art of Living course which contributes to their emotional well-being.

Regular workshops are held not only for specific subjects, but also for leadership. This keeps the teachers up -to –date with the latest trends and techniques of teaching; and also makes them effective leaders in the class.

In November 2014, Mrs. Madhu Khati started conducting “Heal Your Life” workshops under her foundation “DILSE’to help people to cope up with their personal problems.