House System

We follow a four house system, and the Houses are named after the elements-Vari(water)-red; Vayu(wind)-yellow ; Vyom(sky) –blue; Vasundhara(earth)-green.

As soon as children come to class VI they are divided into the Houses , and care is taken that there is an equal distribution –number of girls/boys ;talent ;academics. Each House has a girl and a boy House Captain and two prefects each ,and is then headed by a House Master and House Mistress. All teachers are also divided into Houses and are responsible for the welfare of the children in their respective Houses. Inter –House activities are held throughout the year, which include sports ,cultural activities ,debates ,quizzes, dramatics .Points are given for all the activities, and at the end of the year the best House –the one with the highest points –is awarded the “Cock House”-the most sought after and prestigious trophy. It is ensured that all children participate in these activities. Even the teachers take an active part in the activities through their participation, thus building a close bond with the children . Through the House activities it is hoped that children develop a spirit of healthy competition, team spirit and interaction among themselves.

Socially Useful and Productive Work is also undertaken by the Houses, where various projects like cleanliness ,awareness programmes ,working with the underprivileged are undertaken.
The four Houses are the four pillars of the School.