Students Council

Investiture Ceremony

An investiture Ceremony is held in March/April to appoint a functional Students Council. Every year leaders are appointed by us to take up various responsibilities like discipline, organizing cultural and other activities and in the general running of the School. The teachers keep a keen and sharp eye on the children and their inherent qualities for leadership and other responsibilities. It is then that these children are chosen unanimously for the various posts. Our hope is to provide to the nation leaders such as these, who are morally correct and sincere towards their responsibilities. We believe that they will live up to what they have been taught at School- ‘Responsibility is not given, but taken’.

Students Council 2019

School Captain (Boys) : Saurabh Kandpal
(Girls) : Varija Pandey
Sports Captain (Boys) : Deepak Pandey
(Girls) : Saloni Mathpal
Cultural Captain (Girls) : Abhilasha Pant
(Girls) : Priyanshi Pandey
House Captain(Vayu) (Boys) (Girls) Prefect
Mayank Pathak Sakshi Joshi Pooja Joshi
House Captain(Vari) (Boys) (Girls) Prefect
Dixit Sah Vagmi Joshi Diya Bedi
House Captain(Vasundhara) (Boys) (Girls) Prefect
Abhishek Joshi Neha Nayal Suhani Bisht
House Captain(Vyom) (Boys) (Girls) Prefect
Akshit Rajeshwari Riza Isa  Sangeeta Negi