• Set amidst serene surroundings of evergreen trees, the picturesque Himalayas in the background ,and clean, fresh air of the hills ,the blessings of Sai and Bal Bhairav, the School was established by Mrs. Madhu Khati on July 15,1991-with the motto-‘Bhratro manaavaha sarve’-universal brotherhood.
  • The vision of the founder was to provide quality education in a friendly and homely environment, and to bring out the potential of the very talented children of the hills, who hitherto had not been exposed to education with English as the medium of instruction. This involved taking the children on the path to the universe, to make them truly global citizens ,who have been imbibed with global attitudes and perspectives.
  • It is believed by the School that every child is unique, and possesses a unique set of skills , and it is the endeavour of the School to hone these skills , to make the child confident and independent ,and most importantly, a good human being. The School, therefore , lays great stress on moral values, secularism, and purity of the mind and spirit. For us, marks are not important: the thought process and good qualities are.
  • We visualize happy faces all around us, and so we spread happiness through our unique approach to the curriculum. We are out to prove that “ happiness IS the key to success”, and “ laughter IS the best medicine”.
  • One just has to step into our School campus to feel this energy–of positivity, fun, laughter, happiness, simplicity, freedom, camaraderie, brotherhood.
  • We are  a School with a difference. Come, join us in our journey, and emerge an enlightened, positive and happier person.